Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fix-It Friday: Snow White

Hello Fix-It Friday Friends. I know, I's Sunday. I've had lots of my own "fix-its" to tend to lately, and so this post went by the wayside. Thankfully, this "Snow White" photo was a fairly easy fix-it. I was conent with the results after only a few "fix-its" - - I like my photos to be as natural as possible. This little girl makes me think of Snow White with her fair complexion and dark, dark hair and eyes...

Before After

And just to prove how simple is was, this is my Picnik Process:
  • Edit - Exposure - Auto Fix
  • Create - Advanced - Curves - Default - Reala 400 - 60%
  • Touch-Up - Eye Color - Closest to Orinigal Color - no fade
  • Edit - Exposure - Exposure - 7

1 comment:

Mom to 9 Blessings! said...

Great job Sarah!

I sure hope it doesn't make us losers for using Picnik and Flickr.

I use Photoshop too - but I love the results I get so much more on Picnik.

I think your photography is beautiful!

I love the engagement shots and wedding photos too! Your self portraits are beautiful. DO you have a timer - or a remote cord to shot it?

Blessings and nice to meet you!
Who just loves photography!

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