Friday, October 30, 2009

Fix-It Friday: Fairy Goodness

Okay, people. I really need to let you in on a little secret and swallow my pride. Totally swallow my pride.

People ask me what program I use to edit. And I tell them. But, I never really "advertise" it really. It seems that when I don't share my editing process, people assume I know and use photoshop. Let's face it, I'm no Photoshop Guru. In fact, it totally strains my brain to use it. And, it's expensive. (Don't get me wrong, I'd love to have it...)So, I've been learning and loving good old Picasa and Picnik.

So, I'm going to share my Picnik Processes on Fix-It Fridays. Hope that doesn't make me a loser in the photography world. Eh...whatever. :) Enjoy...

10-30-09 650 before after

Picnik Process: *note: Italics are not commands.

  • Edit - Exposure - Auto Fix
  • Create - Advanced - Curves - Default (Velvia)
  • Clone - Marks on Legs
  • Edit - Rotate (I can't remember how many degrees...sorry!)
  • Create - Advanced - Curves - Default (Velvia) 60%
  • Touch-Up - Eye Color - Closest to original color - Fade 80%


Lisa said...

Nice edit - I really like how you rotated the photo.

P_31Girl said...

Who cares what program you use, you make the pictures look great!

Mommy said...

I agree with P_31Girl. The pictures of the boys are WONDERFUL. They look like themselves and look VERY nice. I've used Picasa for a while but havnt really gotten the hang of it... Not so that my pictures look liek yours anyways. :) Thanks Sarah!

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