Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New Lens???

Hey Photog Friends,
Curious - what do YOU think is the MOST usable, versatile, etc??? I'm eager to purchase my next lens. I currently have old faithful - the kit lens 18-55mm, a fixed 50mm (which I love for babies) and a 55-250mm zoom lens for weddings. Any suggestions for the newest member of my lens family?


PeejAvery said...

With good lenses comes great expense. Both the 18-55mm and the 55-250mm are plastic frame lenses. Over time, they will wear thin with changing back and forth.

I really like my 28-135mm lens. It's a good versatile lens. Canon recently rolled out a new 18-135mm that is cheaper. However, its focus ring rotates. Hoods will be annoying on it and could cause vignetting due to rotating for focus.

If you purchase a telephoto lens, make sure you get image stabilization. It makes up for steady hands during the shoot.

Either way, before buying any lens, I would suggest reading up on them at

Amanda McLeod Photography said...

Renting lenses is a good way to see what's a good fit for you. Canon's 24-70mm 2.8 is a fantastic lens. If I had the money I'd buy it for myself.
And since you are a natural light photography.. definitely pay attention to the f stop. My 70-200mm 2.8 is a life saver in dark churches.

By the way... where are you located??

Rosina said...

Hey Sarah,

I bought my 85mm and absolutely love it. It's kind of like a 50 but the bokeh is more beautiful. I usually use this lens for portraits and weddings. I think it was absolutely worth the purchase.

Check out this post--that was the only lens I used for this shoot.

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