Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Iowa State Fair Entries

These are the four photos I entered into this years State Fair.

The top left photo from Darrell & Sarah's engagement photoshoot, I called "Eternity at Saylorville." I called it that because it kind of reminded me of a perfume commercial!

The top right photo is from Alison's Sr. photoshoot (I have yet to post the rest). Odd...I can't remember at this time what I called it. :) I'll find out when I claim my photo from the fair, I guess!

The bottom left is April from a family photoshoot. I called it "I am the Princess."

And the bottom right is called "Meet Me on Court Avenue" from and anniversary photoshoot with Willi and Heidi (I have yet to post these as well).

Only one of the four made it to "exhibition status," but didn't place (there are a bajillion photos entered, all of which are very well done... I'm happy just to have one of my photos exhibited).

It was "I am the Princess."


HonorMommy said...

I think they are all fantastic! But I actually liked the bottom right one the best...it looks like it belongs in a magazine! :-D

HonorMommy said...

And I meant that as a compliment...I guess some people wouldn't think of a magazine as "artsy"...but I think the photos in magazines are pretty...

Nancy said...

Thanks for posting. It's like vicariously being at the fair! They all looked good, and I'm glad you've found a great niche in photography. I will really look forward to seeing what you shoot in Germany. You'll have some great shots there too! P.S. Will show Mutter Freund these :)

Sarah said...

-I know...I TOTALLY thought that bottom right one "Meet Me on Court Avenue" would make it. It was also my favorite because it had a very photojournalistic feel to it...I thought it looked more romantic and contemporary than the others! I'm totally with you HonorMommy! :D

Thanks Nancy! I hope Mutter Freund enjoys them!

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