Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Daniel, Tiffany and Aubrie

Click on the above picture to see MORE Of Daniel, Tiffany and Aubrie.


Sylvia C. said...


Hey there! It seems as though I am your long lost BFF!

Thanks for leaving such a fun and interesting comment on my blog.

Your photography is awesome! I also enjoy photography (among 100 other things!), but prefer non-moving objects!

Congrats on your baby. My due date is three weeks from today... hooray!

I love the name Elias, but I wanted to share how we are pronouncing it... (there are some variations..)
Elly-us. (Does that make sense?!?!)

Anywho.. come back to my blog soon, and I'm sure we'll find more and more in common!


Sylvia C.

Sarah said...

Hi Sylvia...

I'm sorry I didn't see this comment sooner! :)

I bet, by now, you've had little Elias (and yes, the pronounciation did make sense!) and I'll be visiting your blog straightaway to keep updated, Friend! :)


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